Sale, manufacture and rental of modular buildings

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Sales and rentals

Depending on the client's needs, we organize delivery to the desired site. Each module is delivered with an assembly manual and the necessary parts. However, it is the responsibility of the client to carry out the connection and final installation of the modules.

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Local manufacturing, by a team of experts

Our professional team has extensive expertise in the manufacturing of standard or custom modular buildings. Our approach towards our clients is to offer a very high-quality service during and after the rental or sale of all our products.

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Designing plans and estimates

Designing plans and estimates is a crucial stage in any construction project. It helps define the technical specifications and construction details to meet the needs and expectations of clients while ensuring the safety and quality of the structure.

The process begins with a detailed study of the client's needs and requirements, as well as the constraints of the site and the regulations in force. From this information, our technical team develops detailed plans and drawings.

Construction plans may include information about the layout of the structure, dimensions, construction materials, roof details, electrical and plumbing plans, ventilation and air conditioning plans, etc.

Once the plans and estimates are finalized, they are submitted for approval to the client. Once approved, the plans and estimates become reference documents for the construction of the project, which then moves on to the construction phase.



Building inspection

Before being delivered to the client, each module is meticulously inspected by our technical team. Building inspection is an essential process to evaluate the quality, safety, and reliability of a building. Inspection begins with a visual evaluation of the exterior and interior of the building. Inspectors ensure that the construction exactly meets the plan and specifications. They examine the building's structure, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, as well as electrical and security systems. Inspectors verify that all these systems function correctly and comply with current building and safety codes. Once the inspection is complete, the building is released for delivery to the client.



Building assembly

Please note that the assembly and connection to the electrical grid, sewer and water supply are the responsibility of the client. A technical manual is provided for this purpose.

Once the modules are constructed and transported to the site, they are assembled to create the final structure. The modules are first arranged on site and then assembled according to the technical guide.

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In addition to competitive social benefits and salaries, what we offer at ModulR is a comfortable year-round work environment. Working in a factory - sheltered from Mother Nature - with an experienced and motivated team is what awaits you!

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Production laborers / Carpenter-joiners

Under the supervision of the foreman, you will participate in the manufacture of modular buildings including.

Rental, purchase or modular installation

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